Wal-Mart and Picking Candidates

 Written by: Beardedbeard

This is a very, very short opening to what I hope will be a series leading up to the elections this fall. Wal-mart announced last week that they would be producing and publishing a list of candidates who are “bad” for Wal-Mart. The stated reason “Our associates are very proud of the Wal-Mart they work for and we feel they have a right to know what some politicians are doing and saying about the company,” David Tovar, director of media relations at Wal-Mart, told the Star Tribune

All of that would be fine, I am all for free speech, even for the worlds largest and some would argue the worlds least equitable retailer. But the people who Wal-Mart supports in these “guides” is a bit predictable given that the money Wal-Mart has poured in to the republican party over the years, nearly 75% of their political contributions this year and this year has been strangely more even then in the past. Maybe they know that the tide is turning and they don’t want to be left on dry land.

As I said this would be fine with me but given Wal-Mart’s history of doing things that are not quite legal how much I would bet that is some districts with tight races where they are a major employer a small amount of pressure will be exerted on those vary same people who are “very proud of the Wal-Mart they work for.”

Now I don’t know what your personal issue/issues are, but I am willing to guess that unless you are also the owner of a multi billion dollar globe spanning big box store your interests will not be the same as those of the people in Wal-Mart. In fact if you are one of those people who works for wal-mart and gets the information it is a fair bet that you and your employer have conflicting interests, at least as far labor rights policy goes.

Well I guess that is enough blind accusation and angry rhetoric. With any luck the Democrats may even take power this fall and then we even stand a chance of outliving this decade.

Beardedbeard, peace