Neo Patriotism and the Pandering to Elephants

Written by: Lonepair

My opinion of America and its people is steadily increasing as of late, as I can see a change coming. Although I realize that the right wing is discussing a so called change, the one I can feel is more to the left. I’m hoping that this feeling is right, and people are beginning to open their eyes.

The sad truth about the last six years is that the American people have been more and more drawn toward what is considered by said individuals to be patriotism. The word I use is neo-patriotism, or more accurately a form of nationalism. I cannot understand how someone could follow an administration so blindly, but while looking at the details of the GOP’s strategy it becomes quite clear. This has been stated and restated, but it is ultimately valuable to the advancement of society to realize that the main element of this strategy is fear. Leading through fear, controlling the media, displaying only the information needed to keep people afraid, the current government has the right wing majority, and the few on-the-fencers and left wing not-so-surers, eating out of its hands. Recently, I went to see Barrack Obama, senator from Illinois and possible democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential election, at a rally for US senate candidate Amy Klobuchar and US congressional candidate Tim Walz. In Obama’s new book, The Audacity of Hope, he discusses this trend in GOP strategy. At the rally, he explained what it is to hope, that we don’t have to spend our lives in fear, that hope can allow us to exist again. He explained that by keeping people afraid, the Bush administration has only increased its power.

I believe this trend to fear is what has led to what is the most divided country since the Civil War. This extreme division between conservatives and liberals has made us hate one another. And the people who accept the GOP’s strategy and live in continual fear tend to be those who follow the neo-patriotism and live in complete deprivation. I’m always amazed to see the people who protest and bully the ones who choose to think freely, to speak freely. After all, this country was founded upon these freedoms, and doing what Timothy Leary so aptly spoke of and “think[ing] for yourself and question[ing] authority” is the true definition of patriotism. If we don’t question this authority from time to time, we return all the power to them. Even those who believe firmly in the current administation must have times when they disagree with the president, but they just choose to say that he knows what is best for the country and its people. Well, in truth, he is just as much a human as the rest of us, thus prone to mistake. Now, I personally think this to be much more extreme than simple mistake, and liken it to maleficent intent, but I am not trying to question the president in this article. That is for a later date. For now, I am simply reaching out to those who trust in the Bush administartion to look closer at what you follow, and voice your concerns. Because, if we give in and throw our freedoms away, we will be led into something much more dangerous than what we have now.