Universal Healthcare Could Happen

Written by: Co

With the recent change in the political landscape of the United States, it stands a chance. Recently the top 3 automakers in the US met with president Bush to talk about health care. They wanted the government to expand medicare and medicaid – essentially to get rid of their high health care costs, pushing a plan for universal health care. Also, recently the republican governors of Massachusetts and Minnesota, have both proposed a plan for statewide universal healthcare. Granted, they were speaking primarily of children without healthcare, but it is still a step in the right direction. Couple all of this with a swing to the blue in the US, and it is very possible. Stating this, I do believe universal health care is the answer to medical problems in the US. Specifically I don’t understand why we can’t have health care for all children, and for once I agree with Gov paw paw on this one. It is left to be seen if medical services will really decrease due to universal healthcare, but with the amount of uninsured people currently in the US, I only see the positives. Will it happen, maybe!?