Our Future is the Present

Written by: Co

Show us a sign, show me your face
Let me take you back to that wonderful place
There are no tears, only cheers
Back to that wonderful place

Even though it was over it was never over
Start over, don’t rewind, the past is out of time
We are in our prime, we saw the sign
Call it fate call it whatever you will
Just realize that you made it up that hill

Don’t watch your step, live what is natural
If it works the picture will be clear
The picture will eventually smear, but still clear in your mind
Once that picture fades hopefully it will take life behind

Everyday remind yourself of the future
Live in the present and cherish the past
All these dimensions may make it confusing
But they are less work then the life you may be refusing
Nothing is clear without sweat and tear
Nothing is as obvious as what you lost
Live for yourself and those will follow

Once you lose yourself it doesn’t matter who is near
Nothing will ever be as clear
You will be near to insanity
Live for self and the love will follow
If it is meant to be, it will survive the wicked sea
Only the hard things in life are free, you and I by the sea