Hereditary Habits

Written by: Kitty

I thought I would discuss a subject that I am passionate about, and everyone who knows me knows they can come to me with questions as I love to talk about it: nutrition. I just don’t understand why people think it is so hard to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight. I mean, sure, if you don’t think for yourself and buy into all the fast-food crap (but that’s another rant), then sure it might be hard. But it’s just sick that there is a rising epidemic of obesity *in the world* (not just US), and that there are still people starving. I just think that both extremes of malnutrition should not be so easy to come by. And I dont think there is any one person or company or deity to blame. I mean, some people are overweight genetically, but most of us are just lazy and eat too much and don’t exercise enough. Cuz what really gets me about this is that we’re passing it onto our children. Not only do we pass our genes and heritage to them, but our habits as well. If your idea of a fast, easy meal is greasy burgers and fries, then they will think that too and grow up that way. But if you teach them that cooking is fun and can be easy as well (which often provides a healthier and balanced meal in the end) then that is what they will learn. And we see this all over in media now, how to lose weight, weight control, healthy eating, and it all comes down to one thing: moderation. Not a fad diet, not cutting out a specific food group, not even saying you can’t pig out til you can’t move and drink til your liver bursts. It’s like as soon as you say “only have one slice of cake” it means “you can never have cake again!” It means *one*, not none. Sometimes, not always. Sure, I know more than anyone that self control is hard, but it can be done, with patience and practice. You’ll slip sometimes and eat a whole pizza by yourself, but get back on the horse and don’t eat it next time (the pizza, but not the horse either, ew). I could literally go on and on about this and there very well be another about this topic as there is always something. But what I want to point out is that healthy eating is not a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change; it’s not going to go away or end or have reintroduced foods that you had previously cut out. But it does take a little time to change bad habits, but if you do, you’ll be doing yourself and your children a favor.