Finding Fountains

Written by: Kitty

So what’s with our society worshiping the youth? Every day in the media I see people being rewarded with botox, anti-wrinkle creams, and dyes that last longer to hide the grey hair. Why must people be ashamed of the life they have lived and give it all up for youth? Because, in my opinion, the youth are stupid. They are inexperienced and uneducated. And you may argue and say, “It is not that I wish to be young again because god, I hated high school, but I wish to have a youthful appearance to go with my wisdom!” But in cultures where the elderly are revered, it is that outward appearance of age to prove that you have gained worldly knowledge and wisdom. And people may complain, “But when you get old your body aches more and you don’t move like you used to and you forget everything!” But I say, if you care for your body, those aches won’t come so fast, and maybe you need to give up skydiving one day, but then enjoy it while you still can do it. And there are scary things that could happen as you get older, but so is life, and memory loss is a risk, but not inevitable, as many things are. And you may say to me, “Bah! What do you know, you have no wrinkles yet. Gravity still likes you. And look, not only do you not have grey hair, you have all your hair!” And I would agree. I don’t have the ailments of age yet, but I do not seek the fountain of youth because I believe you have a right to wear the robes of age with pride. I have my youth now, and I cherish it, I use it. And when I have age, I will use it too, by sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have gained with the next generations, so that they may learn from my success and mistakes. Because, growing old is a privilege denied to many, and I plan to make it a privilege I wear with pride.