Just Another Wednesday

Written by: Kitty

So yes, it’s over a month away, but as soon as the Xmas/New Years stuff comes down, the VD* things go up. Heaven forbid there isn’t a time of year to buy worthless crap for a so-called holiday and yet again make people feel inadequate for not getting/recieving something or even having someone to celeberate it with.

But what I want to really rant about is why it’s just assumed that because one is in a relationship you love VD and that when you are not, one is totally anti-VD. Now, I do admit in past years I have celebrated with a box of chocolates and pink-n-red worthless crap but that was cuz it was either the first time I had someone I could spend it with or cuz they were just so excited that they had someone for the first time too. So I went along with it, but I have never been ‘ooo yay! VD!” Now, THEY do try to advertise it by including anything you love, be it family, pets, or friends. But what it is really is just another Hallmark Holiday. It’s just another day of the week, but THEY have decided to try to make more money off people feeling inadequate.

I take offense that I can not be included in anti-VD fun because I am “a couple.” Or rather assumed that I will be doing something with my boyfriend (I mean we probably will be doing something, but not because of VD). However, I would prefer to not recognize the day at all and go on with it as just another day. I believe that it shouldn’t take a Hallmark Holiday to show the people around you that they are loved. One should show their significant other love every day. And it’s ok to give them gifts for no reason or do small, but meaningful actions like doing the dishes or a massage after a long day at work. I do not need a day to be reminded that I love my boyfriend, as evey time I see him I am reminded how lucky I am to have him and why I love to be with him (not to go all sappy on you here). And I especially don’t need a day to reminded about how much I love my friends who are always there for me and I how much fun I always have with them even if it’s just talking on the phone or watching a stupid movie and stuffing our faces with Oreos.

So, I will not be celebrating VD even though I do love my family, pets, friends and have a boyfriend. I do not expect candy, chocolate or pink-n-red worthless crap. But I will go buy some half-priced chocolates the next day.

(*I refer to Valentine’s Day as VD, not only as an abbreviation but as the disease it really is.)