Propaganda and the Infinite Ineptitude

Written by: Lonepair

So I turn on the television and in a matter of minutes I see a commercial showing a man in a wheelchair. He begins discussing the Iraq war, telling us how congress is attempting to end the hostilities in said country. He says that he believes we should stay there, continue our occupation, and that old phrase that surrender is not an option. Okay, fine, I’ve heard all this before. Its the standard that Bush and those Bush buddies in congress have been spouting in support of this endlessly pointless war.

But then something new comes up, or perhaps not so much new as astoundingly stupid. “They attacked us.” What? Let us think about this phrase. “They” I am assuming, according to the context of this ad, is corresponding to Iraq, or the insurgents. Those are the people we are fighting daily in Iraq. Now, I would like to point out that the people who attacked us were Al-Qaeda, from Afghanistan, led by the bearded Osama bin Laden. I realize that there may be Al-Qaeda forces in Iraq, but they were not the “they” that attacked us that standstill day in September.

So, what must be the reason for this advertisement? Propaganda, undoubtedly, to support the current war, the Republican party, and the Bush administration as a whole (whose approval has been dwindling for several years now). Of course, I have been an opponent of the war since before it started, which I knew was coming. I said from day one that we would end up accomplishing our goals and capturing or killing Saddam Hussein quickly but the war would not end there. We would just make a bigger mess and wind up trapped there in eternal clean up. I am not supporting by any means wiping our hands clean of Iraq and ignoring them and their plight, which we caused. I simply suggest we remove the troops who are being killed for no reason (not that there is a good reason for someone to be killed) and work this out more diplomatically than forcefully.

I’m annoyed by the continued use of September 11th as a means to drum up support, money, or interest. That’s all this commercial is, a blatant attempt to use the sixth anniversary of this tragedy as a support booster. I’m sick of people claiming that because I do not support the war that I am somehow not patriotic, and that I don’t care about the troops. I want them to come home safe and sound. Doesn’t that seem like I care more about them than those that want them to stay there. I do love my country, its just the leadership that bothers me. And to those who think it is unpatriotic to question your government, consider this: This country was founded by people who question authority. If they hadn’t, we would be the United States of England. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Freedom means asking questions. Freedom means making your own conclusions. They’re trying to take these simple things away from us. Think for yourself, come to your own conclusions. Stop listening to propaganda and go out to find your own truth. You’ll be better for it in the end.