Bush Vetoes Bill, Hates Children

Written by: Lonepair

In a surprisingly brash move by the GOP today, President Bush, or as I like to call him, Sparky, vetoed a bill that was bipartisan in nature. What was the bill, you ask? Well, it was a diabolical plan to help provide more children in need with health insurance. How evil! The bill was designed to add somewhere around 4 million children to a state/federal subsidized health care plan for kids whose parents make too much to qualify for Medicaid. The additional money required by the plan was to be funded by an increase in cigarette tax which would push the cost up to $1 per pack. Certainly the president didn’t have private interests in mind, like his good old friends at Phillip-Morris.

George Bush claimed the bill was a step toward socialized medicine, and we can’t have that. Congress attempted to override the veto. While the senate was successful in their attempt (yes, both parties were in on this bill), the house was unsuccessful. I guess the GOP representatives don’t like children either.

It still surprises me how there can be so many people in this country without health insurance. I realize that there are some serious problems with socialized health care, and perhaps it is not the best option until more kinks have been worked out, but we need to do something about this problem. Especially for children. How can anyone deny children of something they need. Are we reverting to laissez faire here. Just to point out that social darwinism relates to Charles Darwin, and evolution, which I happen to know our “president” does not believe in. I simply hope that this veto, and the subsequent votes by republicans in congress against override, points out to people that we have to be more careful with our choice of leaders. That’s all I have.