Liberty or Death

Written by: Beardedbeard

So idiosyncrasy has taken some time off. Not helped by the fact that our administrator spent the summer in a tent without power or Internet, lucky bastard. But I wanted to put my two cents in before things went completely off the deep end around here. It is soon to be an election year and I hope that Idio will have lots of good content for, against and everything in between on the various candidates. But what I wanted to touch on is something more societal. When Patrick Henry stood before the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1775 and said “give me liberty or give me death” he swung the vote in favor of Virginia entering the Revolutionary War. Today an opposition congress approved wire tapping by the administration with no court oversight and this is just the latest in a long line of power grabs by the office of the President all in the name of “keeping Americans safe”. The idea of keeping people safe is not a foreign one in this country, many laws have been put in place to keep people safe, think seat belts. But under this president it has taken on a far more wicked and frightening tenor, keeping people reasonably safe and free has been replaced with “we must keep people safe at all costs.” What Patrick Henry was talking about those 250 years ago is that there are worse things than death. He was saying that with out some basic rights and freedoms life is no longer worth living. Now we have political leadership more interested in safety than our rights, our freedoms and our liberty. I think that if the founding fathers could come back today they would be proud of us for many reasons, but I also think that the slow break down of personal liberties would truly disappoint them and I worry that in the balance the founders would look at us and wonder why they risked their fortunes and lives on creating a dream for us.