A Nation’s Responsibility

I’m not going to gloss over this fact: I recently watched Sicko, Michael Moore’s documentary on the US health care system. Although I frequently believe that Moore is the Liberal Left’s version of Ann Coulter, and I tend to discount a good portion of his information as false or stretched to near-breaking, I was struck by this film. One thing I’ve been stressing for years now is the major fault of the GOP’s current governance, which is focussing entirely on foreign policy (albeit poor foreign policy) and not paying attention in any fashion to domestic issues. The burgeoning US deficit is a key indicator of such, centering in around $9 trillion as of 2007. Much of this money has been thrown at Iraq since the start of the war. It is the reason the levees in New Orleans burst. Another example of the lack of interest in the domestic end of goverment is the state of New Orleans post Katrina. The city is still in utter disrepair and the hurricane happened more than two years ago. It took less time for the US to rebuild the south during reparations after the Civil War.

The war in Iraq is justified by 9/11. I may receive some outlash after saying this, but the events of September 11th were a lesson to us. Stay out of business that is not our own. We meddled by funding al-Qaeda when Russia moved to attack Afghanistan, and they turned around and attacked us. I’m sorry to point out the obvious, but the only reason 9/11 was such a shock to us all was that we have not fought a war here since the Civil War, and much of that was fought outside of major populated areas. They took down two buildings, but during World War II, much of Europe was under constant seige by overhead bombing. The people lived in fear of death and destruction for years. Our moment of darkness lasted, at best, for one day. But do you notice how 9/11 is mentioned constantly by the GOP, and even by some of the democrats? This is the condition of fear that is keeping most of the country eating out of the hands of the government. “Save us from the big bad Middle Eastern men who want to kill us.” Boo hoo. Listen, it is our RIGHT as United States citizens to question our government. It is our right and responsibility to tell them that if we aren’t happy with the way things work, they need to fix them. We need to take to the streets in protest. We need to write to newspapers, to websites, to congressmen and women. We need to blog our ideas. Thomas Jefferson said “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

And now the connection to Sicko. I believe and have believed for many years that we should take the insurance and drug companies down a notch or two, or 4 billion. Their power comes from monopoly. Insurance companies were not designed to help people, they are in the business of making money. I say they should be dissolved. The reason people fear socialized medicine is due to the propaganda the government has been pushing, but they have been bought off by the drug and insurance companies. Everyone hears the word “social” and immediately things “communism.” The fact that communists are so feared in the United States strikes me as comical. It has been about 60 years since the second Red Scare, but yet the stereotype has persisted. If it has anything to do with socialism, its bad. Well here’s the truth. It works. It works in Canada and throughout Europe. It just works. In a society founded with the interests of helping your fellow man/woman, one would think that any plan designed to help people in dire need would be more than accepted. But Hillary Clinton was villified because of her universal health care plan, and now it seems that fire that was once burning inside her is gone. Moore claims in Sicko that Clinton was also bought off by those insurance companies, and I don’t know for certain if that is true, but I do believe that she no longer has the zeal for health care and social interests that she once had. The other side is the increased taxes. People see taxes as bad so frequently, but taxes are how we run the world. A little more money from your paycheck wont hurt. And if you ask how can you justify paying money to fund health care for others, well, you may need it too some day. And if not, can you not take pride in the fact that you are helping people in need? Does that bother you that much?

We need to do so much to fix this country, but it is within our power. We need to let our voices be heard. We have an election year coming up and everyone who can should vote. Vote for change, vote for hope, vote for no more fear. Vote and make yourself heard.