Written by Beardedbeard

Weddings have gotten out of control.  Does everyone out there know the average wedding these days is $20,000.00.  The stats geeks out there are going to say that part of that is the fact that really really expensive weddings move the mark more than really really cheap weddings but even given that all I can say is what the hell people.  The idea of a $20,000.00 wedding is even more frightening when you consider that only 82% of marriages make it to the fifth year and by year 15 the percentage of marriages still together drops to 52%.  The desire to have one’s wedding be memorable is understandable but this brings keeping up with the Joneses to a whole new level and a whole industry has grown up around telling people, brides mostly, that they need to have all of this junk at their wedding much of which is one time use and will be thrown away or stored in a closet as the very next day.  Rampant consumerism is a bad thing anyway but when most everything that is involved in the “big day” is disposable and made in China it goes from being a bad thing to an environmental and humanitarian disaster.



  1. It’s the over saturation in the media of this perfect picture being painted of what a wedding consists of.
    Add in a little sensationalism and the fact that a majority of people out there feel that they deserve life at an above-average pace.

    What do you have when mixing this altogether with the wedding industry?

    Constant growth of people playing right into their hands.

    So long as the consumers get the treatment they deserve, by the people telling them what they deserve and as long as the dollar bill is being pushed, it’s a non-stop karaoke.


  2. Thats why my husband and I didn’t spend over $100 on our wedding, plus we wanted to get married before our daughter was born. We only bought our marriage license, $85 3 years ago and then go to the court house during normal business hours and the JP married us at no charge.

    We had jr’s grandmother and godparents there as witnesses.

    My parents were mad that they weren’t invited but oh well. Plus we didn’t even have a reception since we got this all together within 2 weeks of making our final decision about getting married.

    We enjoyed it and thats what mattered plus we didn’t have a lot of cash do to anything else but the very basic.

    One day we will renew our vows and have a nice big family gathering. And hopfully me being able to have a drink of some type.


  3. well as to the cost of weddings i think its more of a oh so and so had this at her wedding so mine has to be better

    now and days you cant tell if the woman are in love with the man and want to spend their whole life together or they just want to have a wedding i mean I heard a woman planned the wedding went down the aisle and said no but isn’t this a beautiful wedding to bad he was the one to pay for the wedding


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