The Wreckers

We saw them again today
The Wreckers, daddy says
They come into our houses
Then we can’t play no games
We gotta stay inside he says
We gotta hide away
Cuz them Wreckers want what they can’t have
And daddy won’t give it away

Don’t really know where or why
They come to our lands
We just wanna be left alone
Leave our world in our hands
But somebody made ‘em come
I heard one of ‘em say
Some man with power and greed and lust
And he just wants ‘em to stay

And when they came so long ago
The trouble started up
The bombs and guns and fighting
The big angry tanks and trucks
I don’t really sleep at night
At least, not any more
Daddy says that we’ll be okay
But I don’t know for sure

See them Wreckers came one day
And they took mommy away
Said she’d done a bad thing
Said she had to pay
Then they drove off after fighting
Left people dead in the tracks
I don’t know where mommy went
I just want her back

Seems an awful lot of mess
For a little place like this
All this death and destruction
And all the people we miss
I don’t know why them Wreckers came
I just wish they’d go back home
Leave us for their pretty towns
Pack up, get out, and leave us alone