And Thus a Message, of Hope…

Okay, so I found this, or in fact was linked thusly to it through my email. Its a video involving Barack Obama’s Yes We Can speech, by supporters of his cause.

Check it out. The one thing I like to note is how Obama’s message revolves around hope. His ideas are the complete opposite of those that the GOP has been following, governing through fear and hatred. Hope is something that all people should have. If you are denied hope because of circumstance, your country is not doing what it should for you. My two cents, anyway. Also, remember that today is Super Tuesday in many states countrywide. If your caucus is tonight, stand up and be heard. I know I’m going.

EDIT (8:14pm Central) – Applause are in order, Minnesota. Through my own experiences, and while listening to MPR, I know how well we’ve done in voter turnout at the caucus tonight. Perhaps this is testament to the changing winds in the government and country. It makes me seriously excited for the voting year to come. Thank you.