Minnesota Passes Gas Tax Increase, Tax Payers Flip Out?

Seen written in the dirt and grime on the back of a large white van traveling down interstate 94 in Minneapolis: Thanks for the gas tax increase libs…idiots!

What surprises me is that very few people seem to see the good in all this. Now, I don’t want this to become some long treatise on taxes, but in all truth taxes are useful. They help us pay for important things, things that are not receiving money directly from the federal or state government. And Minnesota’s gas increase will pay for roads, transit(a highly heated debate, mind you), and bridges(and this is the major of major issues, seeing as how our recent track record shows a lack of ability to keep said bridges up). And here’s the big thing: it’s five to six cents per gallon at the most over the next couple years. Most states have a gas tax around twenty-eight cents per gallon, and Minnesota’s sits at a mild twenty cents per gallon. Now, folks, ever driven into Wisconsin and seen the gas prices go from $2.99 to $3.12 per gallon? I have, recently on a delivery to Baldwin, crossing the St. Croix. That price difference is the difference in tax, as well as a few other things, I’m sure. So ours will go up to $3.05, so what? They pay significantly more in Europe. We could be paying that, you know, but we’re not.

Mr. Pawlenty(because I refuse to acknowledge him as governor) claims that he foresees what he calls a tax revolt in the near future. But this is that republican mindset that all taxes are inherently evil. How does the Grand Old Party intend to solve our wonderful bridge collapsing problem? Borrowing more money. Even more money going toward the state’s debt. Because that’s the best option now. And the republicans are so apt to blame the DFL for the bill and the override of the veto, but the movement was bipartisan. This was a matter of what was right, not what followed party lines.

I think that if people were to look at the good in this bill and think about the whole situation objectively, not just being pissed off that the damn liberals are at it again, they’ll find it to be the best possible option.