Once Upon Atime

Long long ago, when idiosyncrasy was a new concept fresh out of the scary minds of Cutter and Matt an idea was forged to live with this concept. I don’t remember who came up with it but in homage to the late great Douglas Adams idiosyncrasy was to have an award for “first against the wall when the revolution comes”. I would like to resurrect that award. Here are the rules I propose, the person being nominated for the award must preform an act of demonstrable stupid. So no nominating just because of general dimness, if that where the case Bush would win all the time and that would be no fun. Second the person’s stupid must effect the world at large or at least many people, so no Darwin Awards. To be elected the person must get a majority of votes from the idiosyncrasy members who vote, the nomination will count as one vote.

So here is my nomination. Governor Tim Pawlenty, his act of stupid is the resent line item veto of bonding for the central corridor light rail line. The reason I pick this one act above the other vetoes he made in that bill, all of them dumb. Is because I live near Downtown St. Paul and my wife works in Downtown Minneapolis driving that stretch of I-94 at rush hour is inconvenient and slow at best death defying on many other days many cars could be taken off the road by building park and ride stations on the eastern side of downtown St. Paul. Also the Federal government has agreed to put most of the cost of the line, the cool things that can happen when the chairman of the house transportation committee is from your state. But the fed will not pay of all of it, Minnesota has to put some skin in the game or the 400million dollars or so will go somewhere else, some other city will build a 21st century transportation system with it while we in Minneapolis/St. Paul will still be mucking around on a freeway system designed and mostly built in the 1950s. And last but certainly not least, the fact that the inherent efficiency of an electric train will keep tons of carbon out of the atmosphere every year an issue that Governor Pawlenty pretends to be concerned about. So I put it to you oh wise sages of idiosyncrasy contributers.


For more information on this Greg Landen over at Science blogs has a great write up http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2008/04/minnesota_governor_pawlenty_sm.php