The Next Generation?

Okay, I came across this hunting the random videos on the internet and I’m completely baffled. Warning: it is a bit violent. Its a video of a group of teen girls beating up another girl that they invited over just to do such. They decided to do all of this just to gain popularity on Youtube, but now I suppose their popularity will be entirely in prison (Note: it is hard to look stylish in prison gray, just to let you know).

Anyway, the video: 8 Girls Beating a 16 Year Old Cheerleader

What I have to say is that I am astounded by the current demographic of teenagers. From school shootings to videos of beatings, especially teen girls, the world seems like its going crazy. I just wonder where this sort of lack of conscience comes from. I tend to be one to believe that so called acts of “evil,” to use an antiquated word, are based almost entirely on nurture and not nature. I don’t think people can be inherently bad or good, they need a push in the right direction. My question is what are the parents like and where do they stand in the entirety of this.

I have very few words. I’m just blown away.

Edit April 13, 2008, 0905 hours: So apparently Dr. Phil’s people have helped to bail out the so called ring leader in this situation from jail. It sounds like the higher-ups were not too pleased with the extent of intervention, but I find the whole thing rather interesting, and perhaps a bit bothersome.

Here’s the article from the Associated Press.