Our Dumb Society

What the hell, America?

Why do we as a society feel so extremely entitled to the world, as if it was our little toy. I watch enormous SUVs drive around the highways with one lone person inside. Suburbans, Escalades, Tahoes, Hummers, Expeditions, et cetera. We fight global climate crisis bills and laws tooth and nail because they threaten to take away the things that we feel we should be allowed to have, the damage we should be allowed to cause. Just to make sure you are aware, we will run out of oil. It may not be any time soon, or in my lifetime or my prospective children’s, but it will happen. That’s what happens with nonrenewable resources. The aren’t renewable.

But do we care? It doesn’t seem so, the way things look. People are so vehemently opposed to implementation of minimum MPG ratings on vehicles, just as an example, that its unlikely they’ll ever take root in the majority of the United States, apart from progressive states like California, Oregon, Vermont, Minnesota (glad that includes me), and others. But why is it such a big deal? Many people firmly doubt the concept of Global Warming, or Climate Change. For example. They seem to be violently angry with the people who believe in the possibility. In fact, the majority of individuals who believe Global Warming is reality are not absolutely certain of its validity, but feel that it might be worth it to try to fix things. Then if it turns out we were right we did our duty, and if we were wrong we made the world a bit better. And if we dont act and something is wrong? Then the world warms, the ice caps melt, the continents flood and we lose a good portion of the land we call home. The weather shifts to violently sudden changes: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, snow, rain, tsunami. The air fails us and we will wind up walking around with masks on just to be able to breathe.

These gas guzzlers only seem to remain on the road, even as gas prices go up and up, and the economy slips and so does employment. If we fall into recession, if it isn’t already here (it is), and then into depression, will we still see these hulking beasts of steel and plastic cruising down the road, draughting heartily from the gas pumps in the fading light? Will it change our sentimentality? People just seem content to ignore the things that are happening right in front of them. My real question is: won’t you feel bad when the world is in trouble and it’s your fault?