Advertising on the Local Front

The local senate race is getting heated in Minnesota. Democratic candidate Al Franken faces off against incumbent Norm Coleman, and the ads are hitting the air. Amongst the barrage of television attacks includes this one from Coleman:

Pretty standard ad, attempting to talk up Norm Coleman’s accomplishments while in office. The only problem is there’s so little there that the repeating background mantra of “He brought hockey back” seems to be the only redeeming factor of the man’s term in office. Then again, did he bring hockey back? He may have helped facilitate the process, but the truth is there was just as much done by the democratic state congress as with Coleman.

Then the response, Al Franken’s spoof of the Coleman ad:

Now this seems to say something. It actually makes mention of the things that Coleman did while in office. So odd that he didn’t want to mention those in his own ad. Then comes the response in a form of an attack ad:

And this doesn’t even make any comment on Franken’s policies. It simply makes personal attacks. The socalled “tasteless, sexist jokes” and “juicy porn” was from articles Franken had written which were satire. For those unaware of the definition of satire, its a literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit. Hence commenting on something through sarcasm, and not actually doing what was said in the article. And the whole tax issue was a mistake in which Franken thought he had paid his taxes, but they also needed to be paid for each state in which he had made money from speeches and appearances while traveling.

It strikes me that Norm Coleman truly has not a leg to stand on. He’s floundering to grasp hold of a constituency in a state that is becomming fed up with the man’s lack of action. Its time for Coleman to leave office, and we have the chance to do it.