I’ve got I am a super geinus!!

I’ve got it, I am a SUUUPPPPPPER genius.  I have the solution to nearly every problem faced by our society, the only thing I can’t tie in to it is education but I am sure my idea will help that too I just don’t know how.  Everyone should sit down now before I go any further because if you fall over and crack your head you will have a hard time reading the rest of this post.  OK everyone sitting? Here is the most brilliant idea ever……. everyone, women and men, young and old, faithful and not deluded, everyone should buy a bike and use it.  Thank you, thank you I will follow this thread for my nomination for a Nobel Prize.  Thank you, if you are not as enlightened as the Nobel foundation let me explain it to you.  Right now in the United States we have, as far as I can figure, five major crises that are coming over the horizon.  First is health care we as a society are spending more and more on our health care getting less and less for it, also we are becoming less healthy as a society.  Second is energy, we are nearly out of the oil that is easy to get at in the world and we are messing up our environment and our climate by pouring all of that carbon that was locked up in the earth back in to the atmosphere.  Third and related to energy is religious extremism most of the oil left and is easy to get at is in the middle east and by mining it we piss off some very crazy very religious guys.  Now riding a bike will not protect you from Christian extremists but one step at a time.  Fourth is the obesity crisis, yes it is attached to health care and solution to one helps the other but I see it as a separate problem because mostly obesity is a human behavior problem and health care is an economic problem.  The last as I see it is education but like I said this is not about that but with all of the money we would save with solving most of health care we will have lots more money to spend on teaching kids how to invent things as cool as bikes.

So I will regroup them and explain in that way, just to make sure you are still awake.  Health Care and Obesity, riding a bike is a clear solution for obesity, you get out and bike to work everyday you will be shocked how fast the pounds melt off.  Health Care’s connection to obesity is also clear, if you are overweight you have more health problems end of discussion.  But being physically active has more to do with being healthy then being thin.  It helps your cholesterol more then just losing weight, your bones get harder so you have a much lower chance of osteoporosis, it keeps your mind sharp much later in life, the list goes on and on and on and on….. face it humans are meant to do things every day.  We evolved to walk essentially all of the time.  The other two are energy and religious extremism if every American rides a bike to work rather than drives the United States would literally save boat loads of energy, boat loads that would not have to come from nations that spawn terrorists, like I said this would not help with the Christian extremists we have here in this country but it would at least be a start for rational thought and it would take away one of the main things that the Christian Right loves to hyperventilate about mainly those evil dark skinned Muslims.

So there it is the best idea in the history of the history the ultimate achievement of our societey is an invention that is nearing 200 years old.  The details has changed the materials have gotten better but the bicycle is still the most efficient form of human powered overland travel.  So buy a bike, and use it.