Another Attack?

More Franken/Coleman fun. This is the latest ad that I found on Coleman’s youtube channel, frankly while hunting for another anti-Franken ad. Watch it and we’ll discuss it afterward.

Afterward: So, what did you think? I just can’t see the point here. It seems so horribly repetitive and disjointed. My question is this: what happens if they actually put this on the TV? Well, I think Coleman might even lose constituents because of this obnoxious video.

Two more points: they never deny that the pictures Franken used in his ad were from the house in which lies the room that Coleman rents in Washington. They just explain that “These are the people who live in the house that…” and on and on. Not that I really thought this whole house/room renting thing was a major issue and anything to be unhappy with Coleman about. There’s plenty of other things that Coleman’s done that make me dislike the man’s term in office. Also, the tax thing with Franken was a mistake. Franken’s even admitted it and put it into his own ad. Seems to me that the Coleman campaign is just grabbing at straws here.

Also, is it just me or do those kids look Photoshopped in? Just saying.