The great leadership of McCain?

Here is what I am thinking.  The main attack that John McCain has leveled against Barack Obama is that he is not experienced enough to lead. That John McCain will be able to step into the oval office on day one and start doing good things for the country.  That Obama is all heat and no light.  I can see where one could get that impression the guy is a supper star, everywhere he goes throngs of people come out to see him.  When he was in St. Paul to declare victory in the primaries 70,000 people stood in the streets to see him, there were as many outside watching the jumbo-tron with no sound as where inside.  But if you actually take the time to look at the things he is talking about and the information that he has on his web-site the guy is kind of a Policy wonk and I think he has some good ideas for our country, some could be better but that is not the point I am trying to make.  I would like to look at John McCain’s record of leadership, his vaunted experience that sets him head and shoulders above the competition.  According to, born 08/29/1936 on Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone.  His father and paternal grandfather where 4-star admirals.  He graduated Annapolis and ended up spending five years in the “Hanoi Hilton”, he remained with his men even though he could have left.  He really is one of those American Heroes everyone likes to talk about on Memorial Day and then promptly forgets about.  He then had to leave the Navy due to his injuries after working as the Navy’s liaison to the U.S. Senate.  He married his second wife Cindy and worked for his father-in-law’s beer distribution outfit. McCain was first elected to political office on November 2, 1982. does not mention a stint as a wing commander in the Navy where he did some good things but did not make them stick and the wing fell in to disrepair after he left.

From the time of his election to the house until his victory in the primaries the largest organization he ran was his campaign for Senate.   And in-fact that may the the largest thing he has ever been in charge of other than his run for president.  Not to belittle his accomplishments but a D3 college football coach has more leadership experience then John McCain has.  Lets look at the biggest thing he has run so far, his campaign for the presidency.  At this time last year it was dead, he barely pulled it out and won the nomination early this year because Romney and Huckabee split the “values” vote, Giuliani was just to liberal for the party and Ron Paul is a wacko.  So McCain squeaks through by being the best of the rest and falls face first on to the national and world stage.  He laid low for awhile but did not really do much.  All of the pundits where talking about how McCain was going to emerge after the Democratic primaries with a well oiled machine of doom and it just did not happen he did not square his campaign away until June.  Since then he has stumbled from error to gaff never getting his feet underneath him and never really getting his people on message, for a few days he thought Czechoslovakia was still a country… and international relations is his forte?  Nothing I have seen him do has come off, everything has had some hitch and the campaign is constantly messing things up from botching photo-ops to putting out ads that directly criticize their own party.

Now how has Obama’s campaign gone.  He has made a few errors and one or two things have not gone as planed but the guy has gotten up every single time with a campaign that runs like and oar train roaring in to Proctor (if you are wondering about that talk to someone from Duluth MN.)  McCain openly admits that he is not well versed with the economy.  What does he do about it?  Not much.  Obama lacks foreign policy experience, what does he do about it?  He builds an International Relations department that would be the envy of any university, and the vast majority of the people in that endeavor are unpaid.  Obama’s lit, signs and campaign swag are all coordinated nation wide despite all coming from local print shops (all union shops by the way).  So McCain may have a lot of experience but I don’t think he is a better leader then Obama and I think the same skills that make Obama a “superstar” will make him a formidable president.  Or at least he will not ask for a meeting with the king of Yugoslavia.