Scandalous Sex [Ed]

So what’s the big deal? No, really, seriously. It’s not like it doesn’t happen. Do you think if you don’t talk about it people won’t find out about it? Maybe it’ll just disappear all together. That’ll definitely help solve the world’s over-population problem.

Abstinence only education just does not work. This is proven. And yet there are people out there that are so afraid/repulsed/OCD about sheltering their kids til they are 30 that they do not want to talk about the birds and the bees, ie sex. That it is actually a very necessary part of life, and if we don’t teach our kids the right information (and the right way), they will have a very hard time understand it what sex should be all about.

I’m all for monogamous partners and totally waiting until you are ready, and if that is after you get that ring and say “I do” then that is a personal choice that I completely respect. But, again, sex is a choice every person makes, and by imposing abstinence only education, you are imposing your beliefs on others that sex should wait til the marriage bed. And then, when that day comes, you have no idea what to do. Like, what if you and your partner do not want children? Do not want children right away  because you both are up to your eyeballs in student loans and really don’t need be worried about paying for diapers at this moment?

And besides, kids are doing it anyway. I’d rather teach my kids about how to protect themselves and when it’s the right time to share that experience with someone else; rather than them stumbling through it and end up with an STI or a baby. I read once that Texas has the highest rate of teen births, and not coincidentally they have the highest rate of teaching abstinence only education. What a shocker.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m all for decreasing that rate of teen babies, and of course abortions. And the best way for that to happen is to tell kids how to prevent that, by oh say using contraceptives. Now, you might say, well tell them to not have sex and that also prevents these things from happening, and by doing that, you don’t have to have that embarrassing conversation and it keeps them pure and innocent for another minute. But, if you know teens at all, when you tell them not to do something (“Cuz I said so!”), what usually happens? They go do it anyway! Either cuz of rebelling, not listening, or plain peer pressure.

So, I found this:

And I just think you should read it cuz it supports everything that I think.  And what I liked about what it said was that teens actually want to know about sex. They want to do it safely, and in fact most know that they can just look up the info on the net. However, there are plenty of kids whose only source is their friend who heard it from this other dude, and the info gets passed down like a bad game of telephone.

I really think that sex ed needs to start from a young age. And some of you may be thinking, oh no, not 15. 13? 10? No. I’m saying 8, 5, even 3 years. Yes! When children are learning to talk, and ask questions, and are every so curious about the world in which they live. Now, of course I’m not saying you tell them everything. They will not understand. But you start. Start with basic anatomy, the differences between boys, and girls and work your way up to babies and eventually on how to prevent them. Children want to know! And why not tell them? Why not tell them about dating and sex when it’s the right time? Would you rather them hear the wrong information? Cuz that’s what will happen if you  don’t give them the right stuff. And then you may be a grandparent before you’re 50. And then your kid may give up on all those dreams they had just so they can be a parent, including the rest of their childhood. And where’s the innocence in that?