A Call to All Bloggers

On November 4th, millions of people will take time in their busy Tuesdays and make their way to the polls to perform their civic duty and right. They will vote for the next president of the United States. This is something we can all do once we reach the age of 18, and if we care about our country, state, county, city, or neigborhood, each one of us should take that right.

The next generation of voters, of which demographic I am technically still a part of, gets a good deal of their news and information from the internet. And on the internet, the blogosphere is king. Bloggers account for a huge amount of that info, and although some of it is false, misled, or poorly fact-checked, its still read by people every day. The key to the next election is to get as many people in the 18-25 age demographic to become involved, at least to visit their local polling place and vote. I see it as up to us, bloggers country-wide, to get the vote out. MTV can rock the vote, lets Blog the Vote.

Pledge your vote today!

So here’s what I suggest. Here’s the html:

<a href=”http://blogthevote.wordpress.com/pledge”><img src=”https://idioonline.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/blogthevote.jpg&#8221; alt=”Pledge your vote today!”></a>

and post it on your blog if you support the idea. I don’t care what your opinions are, liberal or libertarian, conservative or communist, we all need to vote. We need to spread the word and get the young vote out. November 4th is coming, and we all need to be involved. Take a stake in your future and the future of your friends, kids, siblings, spouses, whatever. Blog the Vote!