Here We Go Again

Michell Bachman, once again, has cemented her position as resident crazy-woman in congress:

Once again, Bachmann is trying to drum up some sort of media attention to blast her into a place in the overall political theater. She’s concerned because the only people who seem to talk about her are those of us who want to get her out of office. We’re all aware of what a poor politician she is, even Esquire has noticed. This whole thing makes her look as if she’s latching herself onto the McCain/Palin campaign in preparation to vote consistently with their desires as she has with George Bush.

Here is a response on the same show from Katrina vanden Heuvel, comparing Bachmann to McCarthy:

Here is a recent article from KSTP:

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) – Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann – who has never been shy when it comes to praising President George W. Bush – used a debate on Thursday to distance herself from the unpopular president.

Bachmann even tried to link her Democratic challenger, former state transportation chief Elwyn Tinklenberg, to the GOP president.

“He is more in line with President Bush’s policies than I am,” said Bachmann, ticking off issues where she has disagreed with Bush, including the $700 billion financial services bailout. Bachmann voted against the bill twice. Tinklenberg has said he would have voted for it.

“I’ve been willing to be a strong reformer in Washington, D.C., and take on my own party, including the bailout,” Bachmann said.

Asked about her statements after the forum at the St. Cloud Public Library, Bachmann denied that she was distancing herself from Bush. She said she has “taken on the president” before and since being elected to Congress two years ago.

It was the second debate in Minnesota’s 6th District, the most Republican in the state. But the race has heated up recently, with Tinklenberg outraising Bachmann in the latest fundraising period and the national parties buying television ad time. Bachmann still has nearly four times as much money in the bank as her challenger.

She has been building a national profile as she seeks a second term, appearing frequently on talk shows including “Larry King Live” to promote Republican positions on energy and other topics. Earlier in her term, Bachmann was best known for grabbing Bush’s shoulder after his 2007 State of the Union address and holding on until he kissed her.

That moment is now featured in an attack ad.

Tinklenberg on Thursday was also eager to link Bachmann to Bush and his low approval ratings at the debate sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. About 100 people attended.

“It’s amazing to me when the public gives the Bush administration an 87 percent disapproval rating – 87 percent say the country is dramatically going in the wrong direction, how tenaciously, how passionately Representative Bachmann continues to embrace this president and his policies and the failed strategies of the past,” he said.

Bachmann said her positions have been “quite different” from Bush’s.”

“If the presidency would somehow go to Barack Obama, I would welcome him to the 6th District as well,” she said after the debate. “As a matter of fact, I would put my hand on his shoulder and give him a kiss if he wanted to.”

The 6th District wraps around the northern half of the Twin Cities and stretches west past St. Cloud. It has an unpredictable streak despite its conservative voting record – the district put former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura over the top in the governor’s race a decade ago.

Scary. That’s all I can say. I’ve been seeing her signs all around her district, which frightens me even more. The thought that people are actually lining up behind this woman for a second term is baffling. If you live in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district, or care about ousting Bachmann for someone with a better head on their shoulders, visit Elwyn Tinklenberg’s website and consider volunteering or donating to the campaign. There’s not much time left.

Edit 18 October 2008, 10:18 am CST:

I guess this appearance is helping Tinklenberg. From Huffington Post:

What makes the incident even more bizarre is that Bachmann is in a close congressional race and just this past week offered warm words to the Illinois Democrat. “If the presidency would somehow go to Barack Obama, I would welcome him to the 6th District as well,” she said after a debate. “As a matter of fact, I would put my hand on his shoulder and give him a kiss if he wanted to.”

A Democratic campaign official emailed that Bachmann’s Democratic opponent has raised at least $23,000 online since the Hardball segment aired.