Bachmann’s Bad Ad

Now that the NRCC pulled its funding from Michelle Bachmann’s campaign after her “misstatement,” in her own words, on Hardball with Chris Matthews, it looks like she’s running her own ads. And here’s one of the most recent I’ve seen:

It’s called “Shocked” and is horribly flawed. First, if you’ll notice, she doesn’t even bother to cite sources at the bottom of the ad, as is customary with most political ads. It’s like writing a research paper: if you make a claim, that claim needs to be backed up with concrete evidence. Now, here’s a video fact-checking this ad from KSTP (Link opens in new window. You’ll have to link over since Vopod doesn’t seem to want to grab it).

A couple points then. First, it seems like Michelle Bachmann has given up on running a legitimate and truthful campaign, however unsure I am that she was doing so to begin with. Her words on Hardball have definitely hurt her campaign, and hopefully will make people think twice before they follow the party vote. My second point, watch your ads carefully. If, when a point is made, there is no source cited anywhere on the ad, it is likely untruthful. As it stands, often times the truth and the facts cited are twisted and taken out of context to make them slant the way the campaign wants them to. Do your research and don’t take anything at face value. Intelligent and informed voters are the most important people this country has.