The Minnesota Election Rundown

As you are all aware, or at least I should hope you are, Barack Obama has succeeded in his run for office. I thought I would take a little time to run the stats here in Minnesota, just for fun.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden took Minnesota last night a short time after the polls closed. They managed, in the long run, to take 54.1% of the vote to John McCain and Sarah Palin’s 43.8%, and Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez’s 1.0%, to win Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes. Below that, the Senate race between incumbent Norm Coleman and challenger Al Franken is still in dispute, both currently at 42.0% with Coleman holding 1,211,628 votes and Franken holding 1,210,901. Independent challenger Dean Barkley has 15.2% of the vote. The most likely outcome in the next day or so will be a mandatory recount, as dictated by the Secretary of State. This law states that there will be a mandatory recount should the results fall under one half of one percent.

In US House of Representatives seats, we’ll go district by district. In district one, Democrat incumbent Tim Walz defeated challenger Brian Davis overwhelmingly, 62.5% to 32.9%. In district two, John Kline won over Steve Sarvi, 57.3% to 42.5%. In my own district, three, the highly contested seat that once belonged to Jim Ramstad went to Republican Erik Paulsen over Ashwin Madia, 48.5% to 40.9%. In district four, (D)Betty McCollum beat (R)Ed Matthews 68.4% to 31.3%. In district five, Keith Ellison took the vote over Barb Davis White, 70.9% to 22.0%. In a somewhat surprising result, Michelle Bachmann maintained her seat over challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg 46.4% to 43.4 %. In district seven, Collin Peterson beat Glen Menze, 72.2% to 27.7%. And in district eight, Jim Oberstar maintained his place in Congress over Michael Cummins, 67.6% to 32.2%.

Minnesota State Senate:

Senate District 16

(D)Lisa A. Fobbe  48.3%
(R)Alison Krueger 48.1%

Senate District 63

(D)Ken Kelash     67.3%
(R)Craig Marston  32.4%

And, being lazy, I’m not going to post the entirety of the Minnesota House results, but you can view them all here.

The Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, the addition to the Minnesota constitution that helps protect the natural resources and the arts in the state, passed with 56.1% of the vote.

That’s that. All in all, I’m very excited about the results. As you can tell, I’m absolutely amazed and happy about Obama’s victory. The Franken-Coleman battle is going to get tiresome and I can only say that, while I really want Franken to take the seat, I’m hoping he only pushes this so far. Don’t wear us out, and don’t ruin the chances for a Democrat in another six years. The Madia-Paulsen result is sad, but it was close. Both sides played out their parts, and we’ll see what happens in the next election. As for district six, I can only say that I assume Bachmann’s slanderous false ads did the trick. If you voted for her, don’t complain when she puts her foot in her mouth again, or starts something horrendously worrisome.

Congratulations to all the victors, it was one hell of an election.