The Perpetual Whine

I’m getting sick of the whining. That background hissing that’s coming out of the throats of all Limbaugh following conservative sheep. Obama won the election and is now the president, but it seems these people are already trying to get him out of office, even before he’s done anything. And the constant talk of 2012 doesn’t help anything. Who cares who’s going to run, it wont even happen for another four years. I can understand a difference of opinion, but it feels like Republican congressionals  are doing nothing more than voting against everything the new administration is trying to pass. And the president is trying his best to appeal to both sides. That’s something that Bush never did in his eight years. That administration’s tenure was the most polarizing time in the history of the United States, next to the Civil War of course. We’re still trying to snap back from it.

And then there’s this. I’ll have you know, if you didn’t already, that I am an environmentalist. I have converstaions with people on a regular basis about the issues of climate change and the like. On day I was talking with my boss (a staunch Republican) about it and he disagreed with the possibility of climate change and he was firmly opposed to any action being taken. I asked him the question I always like to ask people who disagree: What if we’re right and climate change is happening? Shouldn’t we do something to stop it, and even if we were wrong, we’d probably make the world a better place to live in? He told me no, so I asked him about his kids, and if it mattered to him that the world that they would live in when they grew up would be potentially ruined. He said that he didn’t care because it didn’t involve him. He wouldn’t be around. Ive heard this sentiment again and again from conservitives: If it doesn’t concern me, why should I care?

But then the budget came out, the recovery plan from Geithner, all these expenditures, and now I hear consevatives across the board concerned about generational debt. Really? You mean you’re actually concerned about your kids now, and the deficit they’ll inherit? I doubt it. Mask those sentiments all you want but in truth all you’re concerned about is your own pocket book. You’re not fooling anyone, so just come out and say it already.

This obviously doesn’t correspond to all conservatives and Republicans out there, just a good majority. It just seems like we need to work harder to get back toward center in this country. And Obama isn’t the big bad Socialist that a lot of people think he is. In fact, Socialists agree that he isn’t.

Greg Pason, National Secretary of the Socialist Party USA: “Barack Obama’s programs are not socialist. The vast majority of his proposals are anti-worker (or he might say ‘pro-business’). His health care proposals are more to save the for-profit insurance industry and do not have the goal of ending for-profit insurance. He has refused to support a Senate version of HR676, which would create a single-payer program (not socialist but much better than we have, and [which has] the support of labor and community organizations across the US). Many of his other economic proposals are pro-corporate.

A socialist program (even a reformist one) would not be a program that props up capitalism when it fails, but one that transforms the economy. None of Senator Obama’s proposals do that. Senator Obama’s tax plan is regressive and even less ‘progressive’ than programs put forward under such conservative administrations like the one of Richard Nixon.”

From Human Events

In fact, Obama is closer to center than many people thought to begin with. He’s no crazy liberal. Just a Democrat. I think we need to stop the whining and move toward fixing the country. Negativity never helped anyone.