White Noise Orchestra

This is just painful.


And they claim not to be the party of “NO.” I call shenanigans.

On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed their version of the health care reform bill that will now move on to the Senate. However, it was not without problem. It seems the Republicans will try anything to delay the movement of this bill. The sad thing is that this appears very similar to the tactics used by the Right in town hall meetings countrywide. Simply make enough noise so that nothing at all can be done. Which brings the question to my mind: Do Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and various other conservative pundits really control the power of the Right? It was, after all, their urging that led to the disruptive behavior in said town hall meetings. So, do they control the minds of Representatives, elected officials, as well?

The problem seems to me that no one on the Right, or at least none of the people who actually make a name for themselves, can come to their own conclusions. Mindless sheep is all I see. One of them suggests something and then the others follow suit. I’ve had discussions with Republican friends who go to make a point and it’s simply one that has been made on FOX news over and over again. I hear it again and again on the conservative radio station my coworkers listen to. The only ones who seem to have original ideas are the ones who are crazier than a box of rocks.

So where is the value in watching or listening to this repetition? I suppose it just boils down to people simply liking to hear their concerns are held by a number of people. Branching out takes initiative and guts. Thinking for yourself is a radical idea. That’s why, in the long run, there are only two parties that make any headway in Presidential elections.


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