I finally got to my first Cyclocross race this week. For those who don’t know and don’t like following random links (don’t blame you) Cyclocross is an off-season short course bike race that is time limited. You race over grass, mud, dirt, rocks, roots and some asphalt. And because the race is so short you really have to hammer with all you have for the whole race. What it really boils down to is a timed trip through Hell.

So why do it? It is really fun, the people you meet are great and it is a killer way to test your fitness against some really great athletes.

The race I did was all soft grass because of some over night and morning rain. It was a flatter course with only one hill and two sections of three hurdles. I got in four laps and finished one behind the leaders and most of the pack. For my first race I will say that I did OK.

Cyclocross is not for everyone, you need to be skilled on your bike and you need to be fit enough to keep up because most races will pull you if you fall too far behind. But it is always fun to have a new way to motivate some fitness and get you off the couch.


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