Mountian Biking

There are many days when you are training when all you can think is “why in the name of his noodellyness do I do this” today was not one of those days. I hit the trail shortly before noon and it was a ride that makes a whole summer worth of suffering and toil worthwhile. Today the hills that normally leave me flat where mere bumps beneath my tires. I reached the top of the first hill and cleared the rock garden that has menaced me all summer as if it where fresh sidewalk. Everything was right on this ride. The downhills where smooth and fast, the hurdles seemed easy. Even the sand traps that abound on my local trail slid beneath my bike with the tiniest effort. And when all was said and done I went back for seconds.

It is days like this that keep us riding. Those few fleeting days that happen once perhaps twice a season where the weather is just right the trail is dry and in good shape and our bodies are ready for the level of performance that is required. Why suffer through unending summers of heat, humidity, flies and injures you ask? Why do all of that just for a few fleeting moments of transcendence? I ask you where else can you have such an experience?

Whatever you do you will have good days and bad the good ones are great the bad days not so much but get out and do something! Life is too short to spend it on the couch.


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