Back to the Game

I feel like it’s been a while.

Holy Christ, more than a couple years? Really? Wow. All this time with so much going on in the world and so many people to piss off and where have I been? Oh, right, learning things…

Anyway, I’m back if anyone was worried. I’m sure you weren’t. But if you were, I’m still alive. You can yay. It’s cool. I’ll wait…

Done? Sweet. Well, we’re in the middle of another election cycle and there’s all kinds of stupid going on in the Republican party. It’s even bleeding over a little to Duluth. In fact, at the DECC this last weekend there was a Tea Party conference. In other words, a gathering of all the paranoid, anti-government, anti-taxes, anti-anything-that’s-not-Christian people in town. With all the hot air in the room, you’d think it would be considered a fire hazard. I saw a report about this “conference” on the news in which two women suggested that there was no war on women coming from the party. To that, I’d like to remind any of the thinking people in the world that it seems quite frequently that the women of the Tea Party are working to set women’s rights back to where they were before the women’s suffrage movement. That’s right. Back to zero. If you truly think there’s no war on women going on you’d have to be crazy, or blind, or blind-crazy. For example:

Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

Killing Abortion Providers

Protect Life Act

Blaming Single Parents for Abuse

And all this hatred is justified for the sake of morality? This is morality? For a group built around the ideas of Jesus Christ (turn the other cheek/treat others as you’d like to be treated) these Christians don’t seem very Christlike. In fact, I’d make the point that this edges toward the other side of the religious continuum (good——>evil). Just some things to think about. I’ll be back with more soon, I’m sure. Romney’s looking like a good target. Then there’s always Michelle Bachmann.


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