idiosyncrasy is succinctly a collective of writers, whether writing politically, socially, philosophically, poetically, or simply ranting, who are creatively minded. The idea behind such a collective is that every person has separate beliefs, and although they may have similar thoughts from time to time, these differences will show. We strive to get our ideas out into words, and in doing so, start conversation and  intelligent discourse.

This idea was initially formulated by two college students, Adam Cutter and Matthew Carlson, who then conscripted (convinced?) their friends in both the real world and the internet world to join. Just a few short months, however, after the genesis of such a concept, it was brought to a sudden halt by the untimely death of founder Matthew Carlson. Cutter vowed to one day bring back life to idiosyncrasy, and has finally done so three years down the line.

idiosyncrasy has no power without the readers. Without a readership, the ideas cannot spread, and discourse cannot proliferate. Therefore, we need those of you who read this to spread the word. So please, show this site to your friends, family, pets, what have you, whether you like what we have to say or not. Feel free to comment on our articles, and our email address is idiocomments@hotmail.com. Read the articles and formulate your own ideas. Remember that ideas are only powerful if you believe in them. Rest assured that we believe in what we speak about, but don’t take our word for anything said. Always seek out new information, and learn new things, because without learning there is no reason for intelligent thought.


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